About me

 Florence Kentucky, 1986 in a three-story Victorian style blue house at the heart of Main Street is where our story all begins. My parents Danny and Joy fulfilled their life long dream of starting their own business. In the beginning Touch Of Brass sold an assortment of brass accessories to cater to the trend of the 80’s but it was not long before the public began to notice my mothers true talent.

Joy would design varies rooms throughout the store making them feel as if they could fit into your own home. She was soon approached by customers and asked to put her special touch on there personal homes. As her popularity grew Touch Of “Brass” now known as Design With Us Furniture transformed and became much more then just brass accessories.

We began to carry everything ranging from custom upholstery, dining sets, antique furniture and bedroom suits, to light fixtures, accent pieces, bedding, artwork, and many other house hold items. This magical blue house was where I grew up and began my passion for making things beautiful, 26 years later we are stronger than ever and continuing to grow each day. I truly believe in following your dreams because where there is passion there is success.