Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Home With A Soul

 Pops Of Color
 Reading Nook
 A kitchen that has been cooked in, is a home filled with laughter and memories. 
 Just gets better over time.
 Monogrammed Silver
 Vintage Inspired Jasper Pendant Light 

 Better Than New
 Sunroom off the kitchen, I wouldn't mind that view when I cook.
 Inspired by the home that gets lived in, The Tessa Bar Stool have a removable slipcover so you can take it off to clean whenever those sticky fingers mistake the chair for a napkin :).

 From Scratch 

 If this does not make you feel happy inside than I don't know what will!

 Iron Beds...
The front of this shed is covered in vintage fun!
Outdoor Space

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

She Acts Like Summer & Walks Like Rain

 Blue Door :)
 Vintage hardware on the cabinets, I absolutely love this!
 Lantern of my favorites.
 Its all about the pattern.
 Texture & Contrast
Skirted Parsons Chair
 Vintage weakness
 Very Simple, Very Elegant, Stunning Headboard
 Panel Walls
 Outdoor Living 
Great time to read a good book...I prefer a love story :). 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome To A Place Called Home

 Love Pastel Door Colors for Summer
 This space has alot to say, and the over sized clock is stunning. 
 Brick walls are inexpensive to do, it not only adds to the beauty of your home but it may help with the re-sale of your home as well. 
 Soft Striped Walls
 Vicki Pillow
 Vintage Style Black & White.....Perfect
 Chelsea Petal Window Curtain Panels
 Just a simple shutter transformed into a headboard.
1. Buy some vintage bottles with a 1-2"hole opening
2. Find antique family photos or take new pictures and antique them using tea stain
3. Roll them up to fit through the top
4. All done! 
Note: Do not get bottles with a really small hole, you at least want your space to be 1-2" so you can fit your finger in the bottle to rotate the picture.
Beautifully Rustic Outdoor Space
These wine barrel end tables would be very easy to make you would just need one whole barrel, then cut it down the middle and you have yourself two end tables!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Mother's Love

I went to a client's home yesterday and she got me thinking... our home's are not about what you see on pinterest or pottery barn yes, we can get inspired from this but it's about putting individual touches in your home that are unique to you and your family... let's try and break away from "what's in style" and design using our natural creative juices that God gave us.