Sunday, November 25, 2012

Freshen Up

We featured this ruffle bench in Fischers Homearama House earlier this year, it created a lot of buzz and definitely demands some attention. HOW TO: We custom made this to fit the size of the wooden bench underneath and added cushion on top, it is made out of all burlap which runs about 5.00 a yard. This look is easy, cheap and removable so you can change out your looks as often as you like.

I also want to talk about the window shelf, this is a fun new way to address a window. HOW TO: 1st find a shelf that fits your window size (in my case I used three to fit the two small windows and one large in the center) add some fun letters, old mason jars filled with beans etc. and some old wooden crates and you have yourself a fresh new look!

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