Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Antique Chic

 Very well done collage using vintage clocks, door knobs, ceiling tiles, pictures frames, windows, and wooden salvage pieces. You could recreate a collage like this for around $40 using your own vintage finds. 
 I imagine this design in a old cottage somewhere in the hills of South Carolina. :) 
 This is a great idea, im sure we have all seen it done before but I have never seen any where it is cut at the bottom, this makes it much more chic and not sooo I am a jar. I also like the different sizes vs one size at different levels, this is done right. 
 The walls are fauxed to look like they have aged I love it and the floor is very intriguing. 
 Great idea for small spaces.
 Not a reproduction, this is truly a antique iron bed...take that restoration hardware.
Lace & Burlap
Very simple, yet chic kitchen design. 

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