Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreaming Of Spring

 Old victorian home with a wrap around porch, this home is filled with character and memories, you can see the life its lived through the trees. 
 Light & Airy 
 Vintage Blue Finish
 Aged to perfection.
 Marble from floor to celling. LOVE
 Relaxed ruffle skirted bench.
 Love this cabinet.
Wine bottle with the top cut off and turned into a vase. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Antique Chic

 Very well done collage using vintage clocks, door knobs, ceiling tiles, pictures frames, windows, and wooden salvage pieces. You could recreate a collage like this for around $40 using your own vintage finds. 
 I imagine this design in a old cottage somewhere in the hills of South Carolina. :) 
 This is a great idea, im sure we have all seen it done before but I have never seen any where it is cut at the bottom, this makes it much more chic and not sooo I am a jar. I also like the different sizes vs one size at different levels, this is done right. 
 The walls are fauxed to look like they have aged I love it and the floor is very intriguing. 
 Great idea for small spaces.
 Not a reproduction, this is truly a antique iron bed...take that restoration hardware.
Lace & Burlap
Very simple, yet chic kitchen design. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

She Loves Life

 Pink Victorian Doors
 Vintage bicycle's make beautiful flower basket's for your yard.
 Chic & Feminine 
 Repurposed cart with old book pages inside.
 So stunning, with light pink walls, a hint of blue in the dress form, a gold victorian mirror and black and white striped panels, this is so lovely! 
Every woman needs her own area to make herself look beautiful. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Enjoy the little things...

 All white can be stunning if done right and this is a great example of that. 
 Vintage Silver

 Song lyrics blown up onto a large canvas, this is truly a piece of art.
 Somethings just do not need to be repainted or salvaged, they are perfect the way that time has aged them. 
 Pure Joy :)
 Mr & Mrs Pillows
 Newspaper walls are easy and cheap to do and look better than most faux's in my opinion. 
Antiqued mirror's on the back wall of a bathroom, this is very romantic. I would add a real mirror above the vanity just so you can see yourself more clear. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Neutral Classic's

 This space has it all, bold patterns and great textures, the fireplace stone gives the space a vintage appeal along with the large canvas, the black sofa and bold pattern on the wing back chairs have a  modern look, yet it all works very well together, this space defines the word eclectic.
 Cameo Necklace
I love the randomness about the mirrors and pillows but it does not stop there, be sure and take a peek through the mirror at the wood beamed ceiling, antique chandelier and I love the silhouette pillow!
 This is just stunning.
 The victorian tufted bed is a classic and will always be in style. The faux on the wall is soft and lovely, this is a beautifully put together room. 
Antique dresser turned bathroom vanity, cant get enough of this look!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes it's just pretty....

 This attic has been transformed into a dream closet with tufted ottomans in the center and burnished mirrors on the ceiling to make it appear larger, this is a great use of space and any girls dream.
 Where to begin with this space everywhere you turn there is a pretty something, the cobble stone wall with the wooden vanity sink and the stunning mirror above, to the claw foot tub in a burnished silver, this space is so stunningly chic. 
 Linen pillows with a extra large ruffled weakness :) 
 So pretty
 Neutral with a pop of color
 Unique bassinet 
Love every element in this photo, so beautiful.