Saturday, February 9, 2013

Arbor Glen (Part 1)

 Vintage Chargers and bowls make excellent wall art, pair script panels with partially exposed shutters, linen slip covered chairs are great if you have busy patterns in the room (in my case the area rug), exposed brick wall in a gray tone paired with a extra tall distressed sideboard, accent any architectural features on the celling to make it pop.  
 Cant find something large enough for your wall? I will let you in on a little secret, this piece of art is two fireplace place screens, one turned upside down to create a large effect behind my not so large chalk board. Be Inventive! 
 Panels paired with shutters.
 This study is very manly for this golfer but still relates to the style of the home.
 Great Room with slip covered sofas, a trunk coffee table and custom 2-toned open panels with a header at the top made of vintage decorative wood.
 Upstairs view of the great room. Note: Don't clutter up your niches with lots of greenery and vases, keep it simple with a print and a topiary. 
 Reproduction of a vintage wing back chair.
 Metal tray top end table. 
 Powder room with vintage ceiling tiles and accented at the top with a piece of cedar wood stained in a black finish. 
 View from the kitchen into the great room. 
 White cabinets paired with a espresso island and honed granite counter tops. 
 Distressed white wicker chairs paired with a vintage bench painted in a misty blue finish and a hounds tooth area rug. Note: Accent your casual space with a formal chandelier to give it a unique look. 
 The hearth room is right off the kitchen and is made to be a cozy space for you to put up your feet, relax on the chocolate sectional paired with burlap sake pillows, a wool braided rug and old world shutters to give it a laid back feel. 
 Vintage coffee sake's turned into a fabulous pillow. 
 The stairwell leading up to the second floor has this beautiful window seat that has been accented with wool pillows, a quilted throw along with a vintage lace valance. 
 This lace valance is very easy to make.
1. Hang the rod
2. Drape the piece of vintage lace over the rod half in the front, half in the back.
3. Take your burlap ribbon and pull it up on the side to create the swag effect (note: cut a very long piece of ribbon so you dont run short, you can cut the access off at the end)
4. Style away (your swags at the bottom will need some serious styling)
5. Once you have it where you want it, take a hot glue gun and glue both ends of the lace to the end of the rod so it does not move around over time. 

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