Friday, February 8, 2013

Copper Tones

 You do not often see white cabinets with such (rustic) dark pieces but this really works I love the black stove with brass and copper accents and the island is amazing I would have to guess it is a piece of furniture turned into the lovely piece that it is today. 
 This room was certainly a risk taker but it payed off, the dark finish on the wall works do to the flooring being so light and the limestone fireplace mantle really pops against the dark wall. The cowhide sofa would have concerned me but since there are no other patterns in the room this seems to be made for the space, I am now a cowhide believer! 
 Simple & Lovely 
 I am obsessed with any piece of furniture that has a number on it, so that is why this cabinet and desk made it into the center piece home this year. The brass lamp on the table is a real oil lamp that we hard wired and made new again. Be sure and take a peek at the vintage news paper wall behind the desk. 
 I imagine this is somewhere on the streets on Italy, even in the dark you can see the exquisite architecture.
 Vintage Louis Vuitton 
 Copper Tub 

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