Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Douglas (Part 2)


This works really great in any small space you may have in your home that you just dont know what to do with, here's how you can get the look.
1.You will need 3 antique spindles from a stairway to give it a rustic feel, if your not going for rustic buy new spindles in any color. 
2. We used a 24"D piece of cedar wood, we stained this one but you can buy them already stained and ready.
3. Cut to fit your wall exactly
4. We made this desk counter height but you can also do regular table height you will just need to cut down your spindles accordingly.
5. Use heavy duty brackets below your desk to support weight, like these Paint  your brackets wall color so they blend in. 
6. Hang your desk, make sure you have allowed enough room for your spindle
7. Cut down 2 of your spindles for decoration on each end and add you middle spindle for looks (this is simply cosmetic)
8. There you have it, a great work space for your kids or hobby room for yourself! 

Total Cost= $50

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