Friday, June 28, 2013

The Douglas (Part 3)

 Lower Level Floorplan

Vintage Wine Barrel Cocktail Ottoman

Metal & Leather Club Chairs


1. Supplies
2. The first thing you will do after you have all your supplies is decide where you want your shelves and mark your spots with a pencil. (Note- Make sure you leave enough space for your chain links)

3. You will hang your shelf brackets, 2 on the bottom of each shelf according to your pencil marks. (Note- You will want to use a leveler, this can get a bit tricky and you don't want a angled shelf)

4. Next attached your hooks onto your wood shelf with the open end facing outward, I made mine about 1" from the end of the shelf.

5. Place your shelves on top of your brackets and attach them, make sure they are on tight if your going to be putting a lot of weight above.

6. Hang your other hooks onto the wall at whatever height you have decided your links will be, I used 7 links on each. Also, this should be directly above the hooks on your shelf. (Note- This hook should be facing upward)

7. Cut your plastic chain to whatever height you have decided on and attach to both hooks

8. You now have a custom made shelf that wont break the bank... but looks like you did ;).

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