Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Ambiance

Transform your space this Christmas with just a few simple steps.

1. AMBIANCE- lighting is your most important tool this Christmas season, make sure every section of your space has some form of lighting. Make sure you have different levels of lighting, some high, some low, some dim, and some bright. The goal is to be able to turn out the lights and have a great Christmas glow all throughout the room!

2. TEXTURE- As you know I am all about texture and this is very important for holiday decorating. Do not over do the green and red themed christmas colors keep it fresh and more about the mixing of textures. Here are some textures that I have used in the pictures above tulle, glass ornaments (you can use anything that reflects) burlap bows mixed with a green see through riddon.

3. FRESH SMELLS- Nothing will make you and your guests feel more in the holiday spirit than the sweet smell of pine. Dont worry you can still use the artificial trees but your garland must be the real deal. I like to use fresh boxwood-pine garland, it has a very soft feathered look to it.

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