Friday, December 14, 2012

HOW TO: Antique a iron bed

 Here is the very talented Karin and she is going to show us her step by step process to antique a plain iron bed and turn it into a show stopper....literally :) I will be featuring these beds in The Indianapolis Center Piece Show Home this January!!!! 

1. Lightly sand over entire bed to knock sheen back and give it some "tooth".
2. Then mix a custom glaze color together and apply with a chip brush.
3. Here’s the hard part: maneuver the glaze with a badger hairbrush to give it just the right aged look without lifting the glaze or leaving spots.
4. This process is not difficult but it is a little time consuming.

Ta Da! You now have a beautiful antiqued bed, check out the difference this makes! Stay tuned for the Indianapolis Show Home pictures!


  1. The bed is gorgeous and the bed style,oh so charming!!! Princess Car Beds

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