Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To: Make a Custom Window Pane

I am sure you Pinterest lovers have seen this great idea featured somewhere along the way but you dont know how to get the look.... I will share!

1. Where do I find a inexpensive window? Look up your local antique mall, window panes are everywhere do to there popularity. You could pay $10-$40 depending on the size.

2. I do not want to spend a fortune blowing up a picture...well you dont have to. Measure your window pane, take your picture to a Kinkos Fedex tell them you want your picture enlarged on regular paper in black and white in the dimensions you measured earlier. This will cost you about $10-$15.

3. Heat up the hot glue gun, outline the window pane with the hot glue, put a few dots in the center wooded areas to make it stay in place over time, and set your picture face forward into the glue.
Note: start inside and work your way out to insure no bubbling occurs, be very careful you will only get one shot at getting it straight!

4. Now you have a beautiful custom work of art, for under $60 dollars! 

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