Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spaces & Places

 Adorable cafe, I wish this was in my hometown. 
Colorful outdoor patio space.
 I am in love with the muted pastels in carnival rides , call me weird but I find it very romantic. 
 Powder blue cabinets paired with a fantastic vintage style stove. 
 I love this space, it feels so homey but is so elegant at the same time. 
 Casual dining with a very chic chandelier. 
 I would call this my thinking corner if this were in my home :).
 I love the curves on the sofa, but I love the dogs more. Note: Never buy a sofa your dogs cant lay on because chances are they will anyway :).
 Fabulous built in dog bed. 
 There are things I like about this and things I would change but the bedding is fabulous and the wall colors are very soft and calming.
 Every time you took a bath you would feel like someone special.
 Adorable Girls Bedroom. Mirrors above the night stands are great way to make your space appear larger. 
Spring is coming!!! 

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