Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome To Vintage Town (Story Book 1)

Welcome to Vintage Town!
Could you image going to the salon just to get your hair styled for the day? 
Vintage Jars
I agree.
 Window panes covered in lace. 
 Exposed stone wall.
This kitchen has so many different elements happening yet it all works in a very vintage way. The large cabinet behind the table seems to hold vintage treasures passed down from generations. 
Vintage Oven
Silver Patina
 Original Floors
Wicker baskets make lovely nightstand's.
I admire woman from the 50's & 60's... they just seemed to care. 
Letter's & Lace 
Claw Foot Tub
You can find these ladder's in vintage shop's, they are great for hanging throws on in a great room or attaching baskets for your supplies in the bathroom. 

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