Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome To Vintage Town (Story Book 2)

 Vintage Town Welcomes You!
 There is something so majestic about a old church, you can see the people greeting at the entrance on Sunday's to praise the lord :) love it. 
 Something about deer's and washed out photo's.
 Gorgeous Home & Landscape
 Warm Entrance 
 These vintage clock's are my new favorite, a beautiful piece of furniture with a story.... I get to tell the tale of how I found it and how old it is. 
 Unique Stair Railing 
 Open, Clean & Inviting  
 True Vintage
 I don't care how popular vintage signs get,  they will never get old to me. 
 Marked Kitchen Cabinets
 Enchanted Sun Room
 Just Pretty
 A great bedroom to dream in :).
 Distressed Ar moire...Stunning.
 Bathroom with a claw foot tub & a magnificent vintage built in cabinet. 
Vintage Town does not end here, I will be doing a story book once a week on this enchanted town!

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