Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Clay Home (Before & After) Part 2

 Master Bedroom Before
 Master Bedroom After
1. You need a bed that has a flat surface on the top and sides.
2. Find some old wood about 10"-15" wide, I did not need to stain my wood it was already the color I wanted (matched my nightstands) but you could make yours any color you would like.
3. Cut your top piece first, don't not make it the size of your headboard, there should be a extra width (of the wood size) on both ends of your headboard, you want your wood at the top matching up with the side pieces. 
4. Go ahead and hang the top piece (we used a nail gun).
5. Now measure from the floor to your top piece of wood, take that measurement and cut your 2 pieces of wood to that size.
6. Hang the 2 side pieces 
7. Your all done, this should take about an hour to do, it's so easy and affordable!

Nightstands Available Online
Cable Knit Ottomans Available Online
 Leather Bound Vintage Book can add a lot of charm to any table top.
 Master Sitting Room Before
 Master Sitting Room After 
Design Tip: The larger the motif on panels the better they look because once you style them you will lose the design if you have a small motif.
Panels Available Online
Chairs Available Online
Coffee Table Available Online 
 Love these Silhouette pillow's of a man and women.
Silhouette Pillows Available Online
Love Pillow Available Online
 Unique Bottle lamp
Lamp Available Online
 This piece is very impressive, I used it for a dresser here but it can be many things, a server, TV console, entry console, the possibilities are endless!
Available Online
 Books & Jute
 Bathroom Before
 Bathroom After
 Guest Bedroom Before
 Guest Bedroom After
Wicker Baskets as Nightstands
 One of a kind shutter cabinet.
 Hall Bath Before
 Hall Bath After
 Boys Bedroom Before
Boys Bedroom After
 Golf Lover
 This is a really cool piece, it's a vintage military case, used to store bullet's in. 
 Girls Bedroom Before
 Girls Bedroom After
Bed skirt Available Online
 The Headboard is an old fence gate, it still has all of its original hardware, I fell in love with it!
 Leyla Bell
 Her Study Area

 I hope you have enjoyed looking at The Clay Home, there is much more to come as a share my design journey with you. Please feel free to leave comments, I love to know what you think! 

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