Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome To A Place Called Home

 Love Pastel Door Colors for Summer
 This space has alot to say, and the over sized clock is stunning. 
 Brick walls are inexpensive to do, it not only adds to the beauty of your home but it may help with the re-sale of your home as well. 
 Soft Striped Walls
 Vicki Pillow
 Vintage Style Black & White.....Perfect
 Chelsea Petal Window Curtain Panels
 Just a simple shutter transformed into a headboard.
1. Buy some vintage bottles with a 1-2"hole opening
2. Find antique family photos or take new pictures and antique them using tea stain
3. Roll them up to fit through the top
4. All done! 
Note: Do not get bottles with a really small hole, you at least want your space to be 1-2" so you can fit your finger in the bottle to rotate the picture.
Beautifully Rustic Outdoor Space
These wine barrel end tables would be very easy to make you would just need one whole barrel, then cut it down the middle and you have yourself two end tables!

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